IQ Option Robot (Stopped) – What Should You Do Now?

Well, I know you have reached on my blog by searching IQ Option Robot. But I am sorry to say that this service is no longer providing by IQ Option. They have stopped it many days ago. But still, people are searching for IQOption Robot. I strongly believe that peoples are new to this and they are looking for an automated way to make money from Binary Options. But the reality says different things. There is no money making way using an automated method.

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IQ Option Robot Is No Longer Working:

IQ Option authority has announced that they are no longer providing their robot service. They have stopped their service after operating for many days. I think they found it useless. Personally, I am happy that they have stopped it.

Just think, If this would be too easy to make money using a robot, everyone in the world would be a millionaire, Isn’t it? Just forget what you have thought about the robot and all other automated stuff. Please try to learn real trading using price action method. Honestly speaking, all the successful traders use only Support, Resistant and Trendline Method to make money from Binary Options Trading.

What should you do now as an alternative to IQ Option Robot?

Just forget about Robot and learn real trading from The Binary Logic website. I will gradually upload many videos in my channel about how to trade in binary options using SRT Trading Method. I will not use any complex indicator and I will not use any paid things. All the materials that I will use are completely FREE and you can use either IQ option Platform or you can use your preferred MetaTrader.

Go to IQ Option Website

Here is my old post about IQ Option Robot:

“Hi there, I am Hasan after a long gap. Today I will review IQ Robots. Recently, I knew about IQ Robots by one of my members of The Binary Logic VIP Group. He just notified me about IQ option Robots. How is it? So I thought instantly writing a review about IQ Robots.

IQOption developer team was working hard since many days for building IQoption robot. It was their another challenging project. Though I am glad to see their success. I was very interested in checking their IQ Robot. However, I just tested their platform and it was really cool. Nice work was done by the developer team.  I have found a video on youtube regarding their IQ Option Robot. I will post the video at the bottom of this post.

After reviewing their website, I have found that there are some features of the IQ Robot.

What is unique about IQ Robots?

It is completely FREE: hahaha. This is a very good part of this robot. It is completely free for the IQoption users. You don’t need any subscription for using it. Every member of IQoption can use it and can check it for FREE. Unlike any other robots in the Binary Options Trading industry, IQOption Robots can be applied to your demo account without depositing money 😀 I simply like it. Even if you don’t have any account in IQoption, You can use it too. Just follow the link below and create an account right now.

Simple to Use: It is really very simple to use. I will make a video review of creating IQoption Robots without knowing MQL programming and any kind of programming. Isn’t it cool? :)

Backtesting Capability: Another important feature about IQ Robots is, It has auto backtesting capability that is so useful for every robots user. So if you would like to test your strategy in the previous timeframe, this is also possible in IQoption Robots. I personally tested a strategy. Though I don’t use any robots in my personal trading. But I did only to inform you about it.

No need to know programming:

It is also another interesting fact guys. You don’t need any programming knowledge to build an IQoption Robots. It is completely beginner friendly and anyone can build a robot by placing condition based on various indicators. Like Moving Average, Stochastic, RSI, CCI and Bolinger Bands can be used for building a robot. You don’t need any programming knowledge to build them. You just have to put indicators period and condition when to place the trade.

Full Controlling Option:
 You will have the full controlling. You can start anytime and you can change anytime the settings of the robot. So I would say, it is stress-free, unlike any other robots. You can change the trading amount and condition of trading any time based on your investment.

Money Management Strategy:

It has several money management options. One time trading, percentage based trading, martingale-based trading and so on. Its different money management plan can be very useful in trading. You can use any of them depending on your investment.

So to sum up, I can say that IQ Robots is really different than any other robots found in the industry. Its unique features made it different from any other robots. They are:

  • IQ Robots platform is completely open and free. Successful robots created by users automatically get on the general list of robots.
  • There are simple and complicated constructors for creating robots.
  • Each parameter can be tested on historical quotes without risk.

My thoughts: Personally, I am not a big fan of trading based on robots. So I will not be using it in my VIP Group. Because I have my own strategy and own money management system. But if I find any good robot that helps to get consistent profit, Of course, I will notify my members once I get it. If you would like to have a look at the interface of IQ Robot, please follow the link I posted above.”


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