Frequently Asked Questions

I am a total newbie. How can I start?

Please follow the FREE Course Menu and watch all of the videos. Then create an IQoption account from here and join the VIP group. And then start trading.

How much is the ideal investment?

This answer is not the same for all investors. Some peoples prefer to deposit only $250 and some traders deposit $10,000 USD as a starting amount. It is completely up to you how much you can afford.

I need instant money. Should I deposit?

No. It is not recommended. If you need instant money, don’t deposit. You will lose money if you trade for quick money. You need time to understand the market behavior.

What is the best broker?

I recommend IQoption because it has some amazing features. Only $10 minimum deposit, higher return,  $1 trade size and has an amazing platform. It is regulated and most reputed. So it is trusted so far.

I don’t have money? Should I lend money to invest in binary options?”

Oh no. Never do that. You would have to regret it. Highly prohibited.

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