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IQ Option TutorialIQ Option is a very popular website in Binary Options Industry. If you are new to trading, you need to follow some IQ option tutorials to understand the platform better. As the IQoption team is very active and they are updating the website every day, you must have enough knowledge to understand their platform. So read this IQ Option tutorial carefully.

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IQ Option Tutorial for Beginners:

There are many tutorials on the IQ option official website. But if you are looking for tutorials from the scratch, there is a video series for you. Here you will learn everything such as IQ Option platform, Trading guideline, IQ Option deposit, and IQ Option withdrawal.

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1. IQ Option Platform

IQ Option – How to use:

In this video, you will learn how to use their platform. It is easy to use their platform than any other broker. You can trade from both PC and mobile devices. Using the platform is easy for both devices. Once you learn the basic techniques of using the platform, you can trade from any device without any issue because they are similar to use. If you are stuck anywhere or if you can not find any essential feature of the broker, there is education action inside their platform to learn everything. Please check the video to understand better.


2. Trading Guideline

How to trade on IQ Option:

Japanese Candlesticks. What is this:

Piercing trading strategy

Three Crows trading strategy

The Pin Bar Candlestick. What is this:

Trend lines. How to use. IQ option:

Line breaking strategy. IQ Option:

Rebounding trading strategy:

Moving Averages. What is this? :

Rainbow trading strategy:

Local Levels trading strategy:


3. IQ Option Deposit

There are many deposit methods in IQ Option. You can deposit using any of the methods that are suitable for you. There is a process to deposit instantly in IQ Option. You can deposit by following the video below. Deposit methods are:

How to Deposit in IQ option

  1. Select the Deposit method
  2. Click Proceed to payment
  3. Select the Deposit Amount and click Proceed to payment
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. You are done.

How to Deposit in IQ Option

4. IQ Option Withdrawal

Withdrawing money from IQ Option is trusted and safe. They process most of the withdrawal within 1 business day. only 10% of the withdrawal takes up to 3 working days. If you verify your account with your KYC documents, you can withdraw your money without any issue. Please verify your account first.

 How to withdraw money from IQ Option?

  1. Click on the Profile Picture.
  2. Select Withdraw Funds.
  3. Select your Withdrawal method
  4. Enter your Email and Select Amount
  5. It will be processed within 1-3 business days.

How to verify account in IQ Option

Alternatively, you may also check the IQOption official Youtube channel. Here is the link:

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How To Find The Best IQ Option Tutorial?

There are many resources on the internet. You can find the tutorials by googling. But if you don’t have much tech knowledge, you have to find it from a trusted source. I can suggest you two methods to find the trusted tutorial to learn to trade in IQ Option.

They are:

  1.  IQ Option Official Tutorial
  2. Visit the binary logic website


Watch the videos first. Practice in your demo account. If you feel confident enough, You can go live with real money. You must remember that all the resources you will find on the website are only for learning purposes. I don’t give any financial advice, and remember that Binary Options Trading contains a high number of risks. You can lose your money for unprofessional trading. The tutorial is only for learning the purpose of the platform.

I want to inform you that there is a great resource for you to learn about the IQoption platform from an experienced person. We provide you with all FREE resources to learn the platform. Not only the IQoption platform but there is also a good number of videos on The Binary Logic FREE Course page.

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